A Grateful Sports Mom

By Shanae Godley

This parenting thing is a trip. I’ve finally learned how to care for these little people and then they grow up on me. No more bottles and bath time. No one wants to read with Mommy anymore. Now, it’s…
Did you brush your teeth? 
Why not? 
What time is the game? 

Well, not the last one. They know I’ll have a fit. Plus their grades are pretty good and they are always involved in some kind of sport. They keep me on my toes and love to see a smile on my face. As I love to see theirs, with a big smile that hopefully matches a love for life. 

So often we tell adults to “do what sets your soul on fire” or “live in your purpose.” Very few parents give their kids that same advice, but that’s not the point of this blog.  I believe that it’s important that the kids do something they enjoy. 

Whenever someone tells me to do what I want or walk in my purpose, there’s this tiny voice in mind that says “You can do it, as long as it don’t conflict with the kids travel schedule.” 

Funny, right? 

As the parent of an AAU travel basketball player (my youngest), I am subject to a season of weekends that are spent on the road, spending ridiculous amounts of money (that I would have otherwise gone shopping with or something) to watch my kid do what he loves. (*insert heart warming smile*)

With all of the things I could obviously complain about, I’ll take advantage of this opportunity to share some things that I’m grateful for…

1) The growth of my child – This is only his second season of playing but he has grown tremendously as a player and a leader. 

2) The coaching staff and families – He participated in this program through The Premier Sports Academy in Winterville. They really coach him and want to see him shine. I love it!!

3) The people we meet – Most of the parents are awesome. They show up for their kids and are friendly to all of the kids. BUT, sometimes you meet an adult or player that keeps you humble, if you know what I mean. My prayer life is stronger because of these people. 

4) The family time – we share car memories, sing-alongs, eat at different restaurants, and learn about each other in a way we wouldn’t at home. 

5) Lastly, I’m thankful for the opportunity it gives for family and friends to join in on our journey. When we play Rec league or school ball it’s always close to home, so you get your usual crew, but when we travel outside of our city family from other towns and states join in more easily. 

So, with all that’s going on in the world and all that my kids could be doing, I’m glad they chose sports. No, I can’t get my hair done when I want to and I don’t get new shoes often, but the investment I’m making in my kids will last a lifetime. I’m glad to be here for the journey.

-A Grateful Sports Mom

Shanae Godley, MPH

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