Advantage Therapy Solutions: Laser Healing

by Amy Daniels

Medicine and science go hand-in-hand, whether the goal is to maintain health or heal the body after illness or injury. At Advantage Therapy Solutions, the healing tools and techniques seem straight out of a futuristic science-fiction story, but are research-based tools on the cutting edge of modern medical technology. Co-owners Dr. Mathew Wilding and Kellie Brown work to bring the healing powers of phototherapy to the greater Greenville area.  

Using hand-held lasers and full-body light pods, Advantage Therapy Solutions treats patients with arthritis, nerve pain, migraines, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, chronic back pain, fatigue, sports injuries, some mental health disorders, and a variety of other symptoms. 

“We are amazed and thankful for the different medical practices and physicians who continue to learn more about laser therapies and refer their patients to us,” says Brown.  

Advantage Therapy Solutions works with your medical doctors to ensure your phototherapy treatments are supporting their direction. Inflammatory conditions and tissue or nerve repair are best treated by knowing the exact diagnosis as well as any goals and treatment options set by your doctor.  Advantage Therapy Solutions partners with your doctor to develop a laser treatment plan to address your condition as quickly and accurately as possible.

What is Phototherapy?

The technical term for the field of phototherapy is Photobiomodulation, also known as Low Level Laser Therapy or Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

Phototherapy is the use of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) or low level lasers to stimulate cells to heal the body on a cellular level. Phototherapy works by using specific wavelengths of light at concentrated levels to stimulate the mitochondria of the cells to produce ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate), displace Nitric Oxide, and essentially “jump start” repair.

The level of laser therapy offered at Advantage Therapy Solutions has no side effects. None of the light wavelengths a patient is exposed to through laser therapy are harmful. No ultraviolet lights are used.  

“Think of it like photosynthesis,” Brown explains, “To survive and thrive, plants need a certain amount of energy, which they get from specific wavelengths of sunlight. Our cells are the same, in that they also require a lot of energy to do their jobs within the body. Damaged cells can receive extra energy from specifically harnessed and concentrated wavelengths that have been proven for over 45 years to promote healing. Your cells receive the photons, you don’t feel a thing, and your condition begins to improve in about half the time it would naturally.”


Advantage Therapy offers free consultations to learn your medical history and determine the best laser or LED light therapy treatment for your condition(s). Your first treatment is complimentary. A doctor referral is not necessary and you can call to schedule your free consultation anytime.

Whole Body Pod — The Pod resembles a tanning bed, though no harmful wavelengths or UV rays are created by the Whole Body Pod. A 20-minute session results in the body absorbing photo energy from a range of specifically calibrated wavelengths of light that promote healing and wellness throughout the body, including skin, muscles, ligaments, tendons, lymphatic system, and even stem cells.

Exposure to multiple wavelengths such as those created by the Whole Body Pod has been shown to increase the body’s stem cell production. Stem cells travel to injured sites to heal damaged cells and tissues. Using the Whole Body system can increase your range of motion if a joint is restricted due to inflammation, scar tissue or muscle spasms.  

“We like to think of our Whole Body Pod as a multivitamin,” Brown explains. “Different wavelengths of light energy have different physiological effects and penetrate to different depths in the body. Using them together gives the maximum benefit, in one quick 20-minute treatment! It’s incredible for muscle recovery, tissue repair and reducing inflammation.  If you get in with a headache, most likely you will get out without one.”

Handheld Lasers — For more specific injury repair or for a higher dose of pain relief, concentrated laser therapy would be used. The concentrated later allows photons to penetrate and heal more deeply within damaged tissue.

“Treatment plans and response depends heavily on chronic vs. acute conditions and which specific conditions are present,” says Brown. “A brand new injury typically responds to laser therapy almost immediately, but 10 year old arthritis or a deeper level of injury will take a few weeks before noticing benefit.”

Does it Work?

Yes. There has been substantial research conducted on photobiomodulation and healing, with over 4,000 studies including more than 700 clinical trials published by the National Institute of Health which confirm that phototherapy can reduce inflammation, pain, and fatigue. These studies also confirm that tissue can repair more quickly and auto-immune disorders can be put in a silent state. Research shows a strong link between phototherapy and boosted energy and metabolic levels.

“Most doctors want to prescribe as little medication as possible. Since this level of laser therapy has no side effects, it is a perfect alternative to pain killers,” says Brown.

Phototherapy begins to work as soon as cells receive photons. Response depends on what’s going on in your body.  When photons are received into cells that are injured or oxidized, the inflammation begins to “move out” or reduce.

“That can make you a little tired or even mildly sore, like after a workout,” cautions Brown. 

But that means the treatment is working and after a couple more sessions, patients begin to feel immediate relief without soreness after each treatment from then on.

“Many feel better as soon as they begin using the whole-body therapy, and continue to feel increasingly more energetic, less fatigue, sleep better at night and experience an increase in serotonin levels which can stabilize mood,” Brown explains.

When dealing with chronic pain such as that associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even autoimmune disorders, one of the major culprits is inflammation. Phototherapy is very effective in reducing inflammation by reducing the oxidative stress on each cell that isn’t functioning to its potential.

There is no evidence of anyone in any study being harmed in any way by this level of phototherapy. It has no adverse reactions. If you are under 18, pregnant, in active cancer treatment, or on blood pressure medication, we partner with your personal medical doctors for the best phototherapy direction.

Insurance currently only covers phototherapies for the treatment of Oral Mucocitis. Advantage Therapy Solutions wants you to experience the healing powers of laser therapy, so prices are less than a typical co-pay.  Advantage Therapy Solutions accepts Flex Spending Accounts, Health Savings Accounts and offers packages for even further price reduction as well as financing options so it can be affordable to everyone. Advantage Therapy Solutions is located at 212 East Arlington Boulevard in Greenville. For more information and to schedule your free consultation, call (252)689-8729 or visit

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