Crush It For Yourself

By Aron Daniels

Recently I heard a speaker talk about goal setting and prioritizing and all the stuff you hear from a lot of different places. The one distinction that made this speaker’s message memorable to me was that he added a twist on the message that felt more inline with my brain.

His twist on goal-setting, keep it secret. Now, sometimes you need people around you to help you accomplish something. Accountability is really important most of the time. But, this goal-setting tactic was not talking about every goal in your life. It was talking about being purposeful about setting one goal for yourself that was just for you, working toward it, accomplishing it, and then not talking about it with anyone.

Sometimes a great way to push through on something is to just do it. Don’t wait for permission or vindication, don’t wait for people’s opinions about your goal, don’t feel the room first. Just decide what something is that you know is a right goal for your life, big or small scale, and just do it. People may never see that you have accomplished your goal, but it will make you proud of yourself. You will know that you cared about something and did something about it just because you could. Doesn’t that feel like a breath of fresh air!

Maybe today you can decide on a secret goal to hit, and start on it.

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