Crystal & Sage Beauty Creates Eyebrow Envy with Permanent Make-Up

Crystal and Sage Beauty, located on East Fire Tower Road in Winterville provides their clientele with services including haircuts, colors, styling, waxing and permanent make-up. Resident stylists include Duncan Neas, Jennie Roberson and Ashley Kite, all of which excel at Balayage, blonding, vivid hair, and traditional hair color techniques. Salon owner Sara McCarn provides all these services as well but also fills her schedule with waxing and the application of permanent make-up for brows and eyeliner.

McCarn opened Crystal and Sage Beauty in September 2019 after more than 10 years of cutting hair and doing nails in other salons. With a passion for make-up and tattoos, McCarn offers permanent make-up to clients who are looking to achieve a low-fuss beauty routine with big results.

Unlike traditional make-up application which requires daily application, permanent make-up (or, more appropriately, semi-permanent make-up) lasts three to four years with only a few touch-ups. The pigments used are designed to fade over time allowing you to keep up with current brow trends and personal style.

Permanent make-up can be applied using three different techniques individually or in combination to achieve the desired effect.


Microblading – Microblading produces a hyper-realistic look, the result of individual hair strokes being created to fill and shape the brow. During the application process, tiny cuts are made and filled with pigment.

Used to add volume and definition to the brow, microblading is the choice technique for those with finer hair, or those who have severely over-tweezed brows. Microblading is the most natural looking technique for brows. 

Powder — Applying powder brows results in a more shaded, makeup look and is achieved by depositing pigment just under the surface of the skin in a pattern of tiny dots. The process is similar to traditional tattooing but is less invasive and heals more quickly.

Ombre – Ombre brows use a subtle color gradient technique. By blending the color to make the brow darker at the arch, the illusion of a more pronounced brow shape is achieved. The ombre brow technique follows the lowlight/highlight guidelines associated with contouring.

By mixing and combining the techniques, an endless array of brow styles can be achieved. 


Before your consultation, consider what kind of a look you ultimately want. Do you want a natural look? Or maybe something that looks more like you’ve masterfully applied your make up. This will help McCarn determine which technique or combination of techniques will be best suited to you.

Similar to hair styles, if you have “inspiration photos” of someone’s brows that you really like, bring them to your consultation! 

“You can never exactly replicate someone else’s brows but in terms of style it is helpful to have a reference,” counsels McCarn. “Every client is mapped according to their facial features and preferences so their end result is tailored to their face.”

Consultations are always free and can be booked online at McCarn is happy to answer all of your questions. 


When you’re ready to experience the joy of permanent make-up, there are several activities to avoid prior to application, including facial peels and Botox. 

Application of permanent make-up typically takes up to two hours, including time spent mapping and numbing. McCarn uses a topical numbing agent with every client to keep discomfort to a minimum.

“Most clients don’t feel any discomfort at all,” says McCarn.

Healing is easy and takes two weeks, though there is some variation in time between techniques and skin types. McCarn will give you time guidelines for when these are safe to resume Botox, facial peels, and workouts without compromising your perfect brows. 

“I give all clients an aftercare bag with everything they need for healing their brows. Most clients get a Color Boost (retouch) every year to 2 years to keep their brows fresh.”

Crystal and Sage Beauty is located at 150D East Fire Tower Road in Winterville. To learn more about permanent make-up or schedule an appointment call 252.260.6600 or visit Follow on Facebook and Instagram
@CrystalandSageBeauty for inspiration and last minute appointment openings!

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