Digital marketing is the right medicine for your business

By Casey Turton | Owner, Digital Business Services
Web Design and Digital Marketing Consultant \ 252-367-7673

The game has changed for all local businesses.

Become an an active player by recognizing the power digital marketing and a strong website can bring to your business. A well-coordinated online presence can help you retain current customers and attract new business.

Let’s look at the 7 key components in your digital marketing strategy:

1. Have a user-friendly, informative and professional website optimized with SEO-rich content and meta tags for the market you are trying to reach. Each city or community on your geo-targeted area needs an individual page optimized so if someone searches on “pet groomers Greenville NC,” you rank high in search results.
2. Build and maintain Google, Bing and Yahoo Business Pages. Nearly half of all searches take place in maps, and you want to make sure your information is ranked high with reviews.
3. Create your Yelp! account and maintain that as well. Google uses the Google Business Page and Yelp! accounts to geo-locate you.
4. Build a Facebook business page and learn how to use the advertising and marketing tools available. Don’t mix your business and personal pages. Social media advertising can be very effective for local businesses. You can also link to Instagram via Facebook.
5. Build strong links to your website through listings on associations’ pages and other internet directories like Yellow Pages search.
6. Integrate email marketing into your digital strategy. Free email software like MailChimp is easy to use and free. Even a small list of 20 or less can build quickly over time.
7. Hire a professional so you can focus on your business!

Once you’ve implemented your local digital strategy, make sure you review results and analyze what worked and what didn’t. It takes time, commitment, and hard work but you can change the game!