Dream Now, Reality Later

By Meika Peebles

“Visioning creates a reality your mind will accept.  Action brings it to life.”

                                                               ~ Devani Alderson

What goals are you pursuing? Perhaps it is starting that business you have been dreaming of, building a fitness regime, or even learning a new skill.  No matter what the goal(s) may be, imagine yourself already having achieved it.  Where are you in your life?  How do you feel?  Being able to picture what your life is like, how you look, and how you feel having accomplished your goals allows you to make it your reality. 

My chosen word for this year is action.  I wanted to focus on putting in the work to reach my goals and make the necessary changes in my life, so that I could be where I want to be.  Visioning your goals isn’t enough.  Through action is when your dreams will be made into reality.  I am going to continue to take the necessary actions this year to get closer and/or complete my goals.  I want my actions to be in alignment with my dreams.  And I can only make that happen if I start taking the right steps needed to make my dreams come true.

And remember: Every small step matter.

It starts in your mind; you got to see it.  Next, you must believe it, so that you can then achieve it.

What dreams have you not began acting on yet?