February 2019 Letter from the Editor

By Aron Daniels

Why is there a guy on the editor page of the Pitt County Women’s Journal? He’s off-brand!

I am so thankful to take the Letter from the Editor page for February because I get to introduce myself during the month of Valentine’s Day. Every day in our house we wake up, decide who’s taking the kids to school and figure out who is doing what on our ever-rotating list of design projects, house stuff, kid events, business meetings, and try to squeeze some social things as well. In many respects it is easy to let that to-do list turn our relationship into a business partnership.

That said, I try to tell my wife and business partner that I love her about 100 times a day. When the opportunity came up to run this magazine together, there could have been some red flags thrown up about the potential dangers of spouses working together so closely. But wow! When you have admiration and respect for your partner, it’s a gift to be able to accomplish a shared goal. That is why a guy is on this editor’s page. This magazine is a labor of love, not only for the world of design, and for this community, but also for my wife and our marriage. How cool that I get to do this with her.

So, as you read this issue and meet the valued community partners who have trusted us with their advertising needs, please know that we will never stop being thankful—for the blessings of where we are in life and for those of you who have joined us in this adventure. We love you.

That PCWJ Guy,
Aron E. Daniels

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