FIT Inspired

By Mieka Peebles

Do you have a community on your side to lift you up and help you while achieving your goals?

Community is so significant.  Building friendships and finding an accountability partner could be just what you need to help thrive in your goals and never give up on them.  The Tone It Up girls, Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott, are two ladies who are bringing women closer together to help them reach their health goals.  They have built a community for women to be themselves, share their stories, and meet one another.   

Through their website, social media, and Tone It Up app, the ladies provide helpful tips for exercises, healthier recipes, and even feeling confident in who you are.  Their TIU App provides free daily workouts that are easy to follow and not too time consuming for those looking for a quick workout.  Their brand, Tone It Up, has grown over the past few years.  These ladies have been featured in several magazines, including Women’s Fitness, Fashionista, and Women’s Health.  You can shop on their website, as well as Target, for apparel, equipment (i.e. dumbbells and booty bands), and TIU protein powder.  The ladies recently launched a new product: On-The-Go Collagen Packets, which are tasteless powders that can easily be poured into your drinks (water, smoothies, or even your coffee).  They are continuing to grow their brand.  In an interview with POPSUGAR, back in June 2019, the ladies discussed how fitness played a role in their life growing up and why it has become so important to them.  Fitness has helped them through their low points in life and built their confidence.  And it shows in their brand.  They’re giving back to those ladies who are struggling and encouraging them to keep their head up.  You can check out the article on the link below.  Karena and Katrina strive to help women live their best lives: happy and healthy.

You can follow them at: | @toneitup- Instagram | @ToneItUp- Twitter | ToneItUp- Facebook