Homeopathy for Happy Pups

By Faith Overton

As I’m sitting down to write this week my excitement to share with you is bursting off my little keyboard. We mentioned last week how to do some Homopathic Hair Care and I want to build on that with some Doggie remedies . Doggies fur has sensitive balances just like our own hair and can get easily uncomfortable for our best friends . Fleas are one of my mortal enemies ! This summer we had a flea cleansing in my house , we have four dogs in our care . Besides consulting your vet and getting all that squared away there are some simple means to help give relief . Peppermint oil is a deterrent of bugs 🐜. I use an essential oil that’s safe to use externally and internally , please read product descriptions to know what is allowed for use . So take the oil and put a few drops on the dogs “hot spot “ . This makes the fleas not want to live on your dog , they smell good and bonus when your dog goes to lick their they will not want too because of the concentration of peppermint . Another good use is put it on cotton balls and place inside all your cabinets – roaches can come inside when consistent wet weather happens but they hate peppermint! You can also look up various recipes for a bedding spray to use on bedding & other surfaces . Baby powder is a cheap carpet powder that helps get rid of fleas and is safe to use around kids . Fun treats you can give the dogs to help replenish their coat is : over the counter fish oil vitamins, olive oil on dog food and scrambled egg whites . With these simple and affordable tips you both can have a fun summer free of fleas but full of great hair ….I mean fur ?

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