I Hate Everything

By Aron Daniels

I promise you, everybody is grumpy.

Everybody is facing some big problems right now. People are scared that they or somebody they love will get sick. They don’t know if their businesses will recover. People have been stuck within the same four walls for way too long and all of a sudden they can’t bear the thought of hearing the voice of that beautiful little angel ask for a snack again. You’ve had the TV on way too much, you didn’t sleep that well last night, and you just need a day where nobody is in your space. It’s yours and why won’t they just LEAVE YOU ALONE!

You pick up your phone and take just a few minutes for yourself. Scrolling through Facebook you realize that you are the only person who is not perfect. All of your other friends and family are playing games with smiling children, there are updates where they have made these magical little moments together, have somehow cooked a gourmet magazine-ready meal followed by your favorite dessert, which you are now craving but cannot have. They are even stranded in a better house than you are. Look at their living room, yours is covered in dog hair and you have an ant problem that makes you nervous to sit on the couch.

You guys. Please know, you are doing fine. Social media is a highlight reel. Somewhere somebody saw you snap a beautiful picture of your garden in your Instagram feed and they think you are living the dream country life they are really jealous of right now. In reality, you know right after that photo you came inside and found out that your dog ate your flip-flops.

During this time of social distancing, please know that everyone is in the same boat. We are all grumpy. We are all imperfect and you should not be sad about what you are seeing on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a very small part of a much bigger picture. If seeing those things brings you to a place of comparison with other people, a healthy step would be to take a break. Delete the apps off your phone for 3 days and see how you feel. Use that time to read or do an art project. Do a betterment project on yourself. Plan some phone calls so you can stay connected to people.

Don’t turn every post you make into a complaint, but be specific to put a little frustration out there, ask some questions about things that are bothering you. Watch how many other people chime in on that. It will be a great relief when you know that you are not alone.

I hope this helps you know that it’s okay for things to feel imperfect right now. Everyone is messy and this is a hard time we are all in the midst of. You’re doing better than you think you are. Next time you get down about what you are seeing on social media, ask yourself what in your life you can be thankful for. It’ll help you through the grump.