Ink Therapy

By Faith Overton

The taboo of getting tattoos is reducing with each new generation that sprouts up . This excites me as I’m a pro tattoo enthusiast who loves sharing the experience with others . It is important to research ahead of booking any appointment so that you can be best prepared for your ink experience ! I wanted to share some tips for you so that you can feel confident walking into your ink therapy session ! I’ve had some good and some bad experiences with my tattooing over the years , looking back if I had been more assertive maybe some situations could be avoided . Always keep a copy of your deposit . Most shops (the credible ones ) will require a cash deposit when you book the tattoo, this ensures that the artists time is respected and your spot is secured. It’s tempting to not keep a receipt but this may come back to bite you so to speak . Ask before making appointment if the shop is a cash only or if they can process cards , no one wants to hunt down an atm . Sweating & Swearing might take place when you get the tattoo so let’s not add unnecessary running around trying find an atm . If you can send at least two pictures of your tattoo to the perspective artist before appointment , this reduces on the sketch time on the day of . I’m impatient on tattoo day because I’m so excited to get started ! Also if your artist isn’t capable of doing freehand sketches I be wary of using them . A unique tattoo that’s part of what makes the experience special . Depending on location be prepared that shaving might be required so if you are allergic to certain razors communicate ahead of time . Laytex is slowly being faded out of the ink community but don’t take this for granted and assume that the artist isn’t using laytex . Ask ask ask !!!! If the individual can’t answer your questions don’t hesitate to wait for answers , no one wants an allergic reaction on top of a healing tattoo . Yikes! A good artist will share information willingly and politely answer all questions you pose . It’s going on your body not theirs so this isn’t the time to fear being rude . For those who fear the pain aspect research different locations where nerve endings might cause more pain than others . Example- less muscle & fat will most of the time equal more pain . I watched my friend recently get a shaded tattoo on their wrist bone and couldn’t help but salute their Bad*** attitude over the pain . Be aware that going over scars can hurt due to healed scar tissue but don’t let that stop you ! Artists want you comfortable and happy so don’t be afraid to take good hydrating breaks . Hydration & Blood sugar are super important my friends so bring little snacks and a trusty water container . Pain is relative to the person and the talent of the artist , don’t let another person’s experience limit your own. My whole life I had a phobia of all forms of needles . Now I’m pleased to say I’m working on two different sleeves and currently supporting 12 tattoos. Thanks for reading and hope I inspired you to further research if ink therapy is for you ! #InkedUp #InkObsessed