by Aron Daniels

Only the strongest willed among us can talk insurance and stay checked-in the whole time. You know you need insurance but all of the details can get confusing!  Sitting down to talk with local State Farm Agent Saul, insurance feels a lot different. Saul is great at helping you understand what coverage’s’ you have and need because he actually cares about helping you. That makes a HUGE difference. 

One aspect of his work that Saul really enjoys is helping his fellow small business owners. He knows that a lot goes into opening and running your own business and that typically insurance is one of the items that doesn’t get as much attention as it should.   Saul understands that each business is differ-ent and has varying needs when it comes to their insurance coverage. He and his team offer plans tailored to the needs of specific businesses. As part of the evaluation process, Saul visits with the owner when and where it is convenient for them.  Saul helps business owners determine their needs for a general business policy, liability coverage limits, workman’s comp need and costs of re-placing inventory and equipment. Every business is different and needs to be assessed for the specific needs they have. 

Before opening his own State Farm business, Saul worked in State Farm’s claims department for eleven years. During that time, Saul helped many people recover after tragedy struck and this grew his personal drive to help people with a very hands-on approach. Saul handles all of the claims for his customers every step of the way. When a situation needs to be resolved, he is the one on the phone and in communication with the insurance companies helping to streamline the process on his customers’ behalf.

All of Saul’s customers have his personal cell phone number and know that they call anytime there is an emergency. As a local agent, he is able to provide remarkable customer service in the truest sense.  Saul’s goals are to help his customers save money while also ensuring that they have the coverage they need. 

Saul is an advocate for the local community. Saul cares about Pitt county; regularly working with several local non-profits and encouraging positive change and growth. When deciding to open his own State Farm location, he explored Greenville and much of ENC to determine the best place for his home office.  He quickly realized that this city was where he felt connected and decided it need-ed to be the home of his business as well as to set down roots with wife Elizabeth and young daugh-ter Lily.

 Don’t let insurance intimidate you. If you really want someone to be there when you really need them the most then Saul is that guy. It is in his heart to help people through tough times and he has the experience and knowledge to accomplish that in the most beneficial way possible. 

Let Saul help you find comfort in knowing that you are properly insured. To contact Saul and talk about your insurance needs, contact him at (252) 214-1279 or or stop by his office at 3125 Old Tar Road, Suite D, Winterville, NC 28590.