by Erica Letchworth

Your business social media accounts can serve as the #1 marketing tool for your business. With engaging content you can command the spotlight for just enough time to get your customers to dig deeper into what you have to offer. With a little planning, you can create a dynamic strategy to keep your customers and fans engaged with your business. 

One Step at a Time.

Planning a social media campaign for the entire year can seem like a big task. The best thing to do is start with the highlights and build from there. Start with each quarter and identify the biggest event or launch you have for that 3 month period. From there, plan two weeks of posts leading up to the launch and two weeks of posts for after the product or service has been announced. This is your opportunity to educate, entice, and entertain your customers before during and after each big launch for your business. See Example below:

Quarter 1
Spring Product Launch 1/15
Start campaign 1/1 – two posts daily
After Launch Campaign: 1/15-1/31

Quarter 2
Summer Product Launch 4/20 S
tart campaign 4/5 – two posts daily
After Launch Campaign: 4/20 – 5/4

Quarter 3
Fall Product Launch 7/4
Start campaign 6/19- two posts daily
After Launch Campaign: 7/4 – 7/18

Quarter 4
Holiday Extravaganza 10/1
Start campaign 9/15 – three posts daily
After Launch Campaign: 10/1 – 10/15

Find the opportunity!

Your next step is to identify the slumps in your business. These could be the perfect opportunity to host or co host a special event that brings more eyes to your business in what would otherwise be a slow day or week. Identify events in your community that may be drawing the crowds away from your door and come up with a social media campaign that supports the event and identifies your business as a community minded enterprise. Here are a few ideas to get you started on crafting the perfect slump busting campaign. 

•  Host or Co Host a pre-party that promotes your product or service as THE thing to have before attending the event.

•  Live stream from the event as a supporter of great things happening in the community.

•  Officially sponsor or co sponsor the event and be sure to use all the event tags and hashtags in your social postings. 

Story Time!

People love a good story and the story behind your business is one you know by heart. Sharing the story of how you took an idea and transformed it into something real is a fountain of inspirational content just waiting to be shared. This could be the perfect ongoing series of posts, posted once a week or once a month, that keeps your customers engaged over a long period of time. Kind of like your own mini series. Your customers will appreciate the struggles and triumphs and will understand the passion and purpose you put into your business everyday.

With engaging content and consistent posting, your social media accounts can be your best marketing tool in 2020.  Using these simple systems you can create a social media strategy that will educate, engage, and entice your customers throughout the year. I challenge you to start today with a simple post that thanks your customers for being great and committing to a more vibrant social connection in the coming year. Best of luck and happy posting!

Erica Letchworth is a photographer and social media marketing consultant. She offers business photography to capture your brand and style. Schedule a consultation and enroll in her business jump start program for social media content development at

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