Letter from the Editor


Make it work!

My oldest son and I jumped into our Jeep to make a quick run to the grocery store. When I turned the key, nothing happened. We unbuckled, hopped in the car with the paint-chipped hood and went on our way. We might be a one-car-family for a few weeks.

The deadline on a project moved up three days, so I need to pull an extra late night. In the morning, I’ll have a happy client when they see a layout proof ready for them.

Our youngest has been feeling extra grumpy the past couple of weeks and I need to see him happy for just a few minutes or my brain might explode. The terrible-twos are no joke!

You get the idea. Everyone has stuff. There are speedbumps to dreams; days that should have been better; frustrations. Do you stop? No! Sometimes social media makes it seems as though everyone else travels the world with their angelic children, eats gormet meals on the edge of an infinity pool overlooking a white sand beach, and in spite of being on extended vacations, has a multi-million dollar income. All of this makes your day-to-day look a little pale.

You know what, though? Each one of us has a very rich life. When my son tells me that our walk down the driveway was his favorite part of the day, I don’t need a white-sand beach. I would rather have a date night with my wife where she makes me laugh a lot than a gourmet meal (plus, my wife makes some majorly good meals for our family at home!). I’ll trade that exorbitant income for being satisfied with where we are in life, knowing that we are able to provide really good moments for our boys and enjoy each other’s company.

If you are looking at your life and feel like you’ve been hit with wave after wave of “life”  and you’re comparing yourself to a filter-enhanced, completely staged picture online, STOP. Take what you have and make it work. When you are able to look at what you actually have and learn to treasure it, your whole perspective changes. You have a whole lot more fight in your heart if you are filled with contentment instead of lacking. When you find a way to make it work, you stop being the victim and start being the artist who can see what else could be.

Today, when that next profanity-laced complaint comes out of your mouth, I challenge you to make it work. Don’t give up.

That PCWJ Guy,
Aron Daniels

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