by Amy Daniels

Title Boxing Club in Greenville offers members a guaranteed sweat session. Amped up music creates high-energy atmosphere and knowledgeable staff provide members with a solid workout tailored to their fitness level, no boxing experience necessary! 

Don’t be intimidated by the name—Title Boxing Club welcomes anyone who wants a good workout, most of the boxing is you versus the bag. Title Boxing Club boasts over 50 heavy bags (100lbs) for members to use during group classes. 

Classes at Title Boxing Club include boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA), all of which are open to members of any fitness level and ability. Trainers demonstrate proper technique and coach members through combinations for a thorough workout. Personal training sessions are also available.

When you are in the ring, it’s you following a guided combination routine led by a well-padded trainer. No contact sparring or knock-outs to fear. If you’re new to boxing, think of it like a much cooler version of group aerobics.

Owner Carissa Chappell has made it a priority that everyone who walks through the door feels fully supported in meeting their health and fitness goals. The proof shows through the members—new and seasoned—who testify that Title Boxing Club is not just a gym, but a tribe of staff, trainers, and members who are willing to step up for each other.


CLUB 4 – Work out up to 4 times per month.Consider this a one-a-week “punch therapy” level of membership. If you have a hectic schedule or hitting the gym regularly seems daunting, start here! Before long, you’ll be hooked and want to make boxing a regular part of your schedule.

CLUB 8 – Work out up to 8 times per month.Ready to add regular workouts to your schedule? With an 8-class pass, you can plan on 2 sweat sessions each week (or however else you want to spread them out). 

CLUB CARD – Unlimited workouts all month! Are you committed to getting in the best shape of your life? Attend as many classes you can handle. Participate in a 100 challenge and try to join the elite few who earn 100 participation stars before the deadline (plus get bragging rights and free swag)!

FAMILY PLAN – All of the same membership levels but at great prices so the whole family can box! Title even offers boxing classes for kids ages 6 and up.

Title Boxing Club is located at 3700 Charles Boulevard in Greenville. Check out the class schedule at Your first class is free! Don’t wait to join the club—it’s where you’ll find your tribe.


“From the very first class, [everyone has] made me feel like family and been so supportive. I didn’t expect it to be so empowering and addicting!! After I got over my initial fear of not knowing a thing about boxing I became addicted to it.”
-Michele W., member for 1 month

“The energy, the positivity, the community that you find in TITLE just can’t be beat! I’ve been to gyms where the trainers were just that – trainers. All of the trainers at TITLE will make you work your butt off and then take the time after class to get to know you, too. They remember you by name and will know when you don’t show up. It’s motivating to have them personally rooting you on.”
-Grace N., member for 3 years

“I get extremely bored or discouraged easily at ‘normal’ gyms because I’m either not having fun, I don’t know what I’m doing, or some combination. At Title, I’m getting an incredible workout packaged in a fun boxing objective. I didn’t expect to find the level of support and tribe mentality from not just the staff but members as well. Everyone at Title genuinely cares about your personal fitness success.”
-Kyle K., member for 4

“If you ever told me I would be boxing regularly in my forties, I would have said you were crazy but here I am! The classes are at all different times of the day so because my schedule is never the same it allows me to classes easily. There are members at all different levels of physical fitness and the classes are pretty adaptable to anyone. The trainers are great and they each bring something different to the table.”
-Patty B., member for 4 years

“Working out at Title is exactly the stress and tension release I need at the end of my day. It’s one hour of checking out of day-to-day life and just focusing on the bag. It’s what I look forward to everyday and I miss being there on the days I can’t make it. Having an unlimited membership allows me to join any class, at any time – at MY convenience – as often as I’d like, but mostly I appreciate that it gives me access to any Title facility in the country. I’m out of town often, so if I’m traveling to a place that has a Title gym, I can take advantage of that access and not miss my workout.
-Chanel H.,
member for 4 years

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