March: Letter from the Editor

I feel like every conversation I’ve had in the last several years has begun with a declaration that I’ve been busy, but it’s good busy. Am I the only one who feels the need to defend my busyness as a positive thing? Between work, kids, grocery shopping, and all the typically day-to-day operations of a household, it’s too easy to get bogged down in life without really enjoying anything.

Recently I discovered that when I’m at my busiest, that is the most important time for me to start a new project. Counterintuitive? Yes, but it’s not just about starting any project. It’s about resting without stopping by doing something that you get fulfillment out of so that you can continue with the everyday stuff without losing yourself to it.

Last summer I turned an old playset in the backyard into a chicken coop and fulfilled a 10-year dream to have free range chickens and fresh eggs every day. Last month, in the midst of all of the magazine production madness, I completely rehabbed my kitchen (organized and rearranged things for efficiency, installed peg boards, disassembled and painted all of my cabinets and hardware, resurfaced countertops, made it bright and inviting rather than dark and dingy!). Now it’s a place where I want to cook and bake yummy things and enjoy time with my family around the supper table.

There is always something on the must-do list of adult responsibilities, but checking those items off shouldn’t be defining and all encompassing. Please don’t forget self-care. Find some time to do something you really enjoy. Reconnecting with yourself through a hobby, passion, or indulgent experience does wonders for your mental health.

Best wishes,
Amy Daniels