meditation: the foundation of everything

by kara emmy’

i have heard these words hundreds of times as i was coming up
from my parents, and elders

watching my mother holding my sister
moving her hand across the babies chest with the rhythm of the breath
already teaching us about the breath

taking in that one perfect, mindful breath is meditation
not a Christian breath
nor a Hindu breath
not a Jewish breath
or a Muslim breath

that one perfect mindful Universal breath
that breath that connects us all

i’ve been teaching meditation for well over 40 years
i meditate daily
i could no sooner start or end my day without meditation
as i could not leave my home without brushing my teeth

i am often asked “why meditate?”
well here are some of the simpler reasons
it lowers blood pressure, better all around health
helps our creativity flow
pain management
we become more productive
meditation can build new synapses in the brain

Andrew Newburg, a
nero-scientist in PA
has been doing wonderful work with folks who suffer with early dementia and Alzheimer’s
teaching them mediation
within six months they are building new synapse’s
think of this
the “warehouses” could one day be empty

we start to have a more meaningful life with meditation
we become more mindful
in all of our daily activities
no longer on auto pilot

i offer you this brief meditation

sit with your back straight
relax your shoulders
release all tension from the body
starting with the tension behind your eyes
let it go
take a breath
feel the air entering your body
exhale gently
take another breath
breathe in the love that your Creator has for you
allow it to fill you
breath out
gratitude for that love
continue for several minutes
if a thought comes
acknowledge the thought
letting it go, you’ll get to it later
come back to your breath
to that unconditional love
this is your well deserved time


kara emmy’
Heartfelt Energy Work
252 364 1909

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