Multiple Kids without Multiple Breakdowns

By Faith Overton

Anytime you add to your family you add to the workload both physically and mentally . Keeping yourself from being unhealthily overwhelmed is something all of us face but we don’t have to face it alone ! Some good tips I’ve gained over the years have helped me become a better person and mother . First off you need to find your “tribe / village” because you will need it ! This doesn’t necessarily mean family as family isn’t always in the picture . That’s okay because you can make your own ! And thus a tribe is born!

My tribe is a huge pile of messy misfits , we wouldn’t have it any other way . My kids are better off with a happy mommy than a mommy determined to do everything on the checklist to the point of compromising her health . Rely on these people for prayer , help , or just laughter through the tough times . Let them give you love when you’re at your worst . Next , accept being vulnerable with trusted people and your kids . Kids have a way of just melting boundaries we put up and getting to the heart of us . Mine do it through praising me without prompting , my love language is words ( which they too little to know ) so any words of kindness just build me up . Finally (hardest one ) -Let it go ! Don’t hold on to those perceived failures because you don’t have time to live in that past self , you need to live in the present .

Having more than one kid can be a huge mental game of chess , so prepare your surroundings and self to create a safe place of love to learn together ! The rest will come with time and structure.

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