My Dream House

By Faith Overton

Something you might not gleam from my tomboy nature is that I was a huge Barbie fan ! Well I’m cleaning my old Barbie house to give to my three year old daughter for her birthday . All I can think of is what my dream house was growing up ? What did I hope to have when I had my own will over my own place . Looking back it’s easy to see that my OCD was prevalent and had a factor in what I thought my home would look like . Clean . Precise . Orderly . My version of playing barbies was to set up to the extract detail every room and scene , after that I would look at my display for about an hour then I’d clean it up . My modern dream house isn’t precise , orderly or my level clean at all , makes me wonder if my dreams of the past were forgotten as I grew up or just evolved into something better . I’ve two small kids and a husband who works Insane hours , we adapt on the fly around here but I wouldn’t trade this home of imperfection for anything . Sometimes on the way to find a dream we get lost on the path and discovery a better one . Dream big my friends and may you forgive yourself if they don’t measure up to what your old self thought up . #Awareness #MyOwnDreamhouse

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