Open & Ready

By Susan Bucci

The Painted Peacock is OPEN and ready to get creative with you! We are offering several ways to stay creative this summer!


What is board art and how do I schedule my appointment?  Board art is a super fun and easy way to create a shabby chic board that is perfect for the home, office, and makes a unique and personalized gift!  All you do is simply hop onto our website and schedule a time to come in and paint.  Choose your design from our huge gallery online, or we can design a board for you with a logo, quote, verse or more.  We will custom cut a stencil for you and when you arrive for your appointment, our friendly studio assistants will walk you through the whole process from staining your board to laying down the stencil and customizing all your colors!  Once you fill in the stencil with your selected colors, we peel it up and voila!  You have a personalized piece that is ready to hang!


We are excited to offer in-studio painting Tuesday-Sunday…socially distanced of course.  All our paints are non-toxic and wash out of clothing, making it perfect for kids and adults!  With over 300 pottery items to choose from, the hardest part is picking which piece you would like to paint!  Our studio assistants will show you all the fun and easy techniques we offer to create your one-of-a-kind piece.  Once you finish painting, we keep it for about 4 days to fire it in our giant kilns.  When you get your pottery back it will be shiny and food-safe!

Let us help create a priceless memory with your little one’s hands and feet!  We offer both painted prints and clay impressions that capture every little detail of those sweet hands and feet.  Our custom artist can help put the finishing touches on to create the perfect piece.  Give us a call for details.  252-758-1100


A pottery to-go kit is the perfect way to stay creative in the comforts of your home!  We also offer pottery to-go kits for daycares and large events!  Simply choose from our huge assortment of kits online.  We supply everything you need including paints, brushes pottery and more.  When you are done painting, just drop it off at the studio for about 4 days and we will fire it in our kilns to make it shiny and food-safe.  Bonus…all our paints wash out of clothing and surfaces with just a bit of water. 

Be on the lookout for our NEW Art Class To-GO kits!  Each kit includes an artist bio, a step-by-step project guide, and all the supplies needed to paint like the masters! These kits are perfect for keeping the kids creative at home this school year!

Visit our website at to view our designs, classes and for more inspiration!

The Painted Peacock is located at 631 Red Banks Road ins Greenville’s Arlington Village. For more information, or to schedule an event, visit or call 252.758.1100. Follow the #staycreativegreenville on Facebook and Instagram @ThePaintedPeacockNC.