Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher has traveled quite an interesting path and her journey has been an inspiration to those who know her. Allison grew up a Navy brat and moved from Virginia, Puerto Rico, Florida, California and even Hawaii before her family finally settled in Wilmington, North Carolina. Allison went to college and started out with the desire to be an interior designer. Not long after she accomplished her first college degree, she moved to Greenville, North Carolina. Looking for a way to network and connect to the local community, she found an opportunity volunteering with North Carolina Dream Factory and eventually became the president of the chapter where she helped to build the organization to one of the most successful in the United Sates. Dream Factory became her passion and after over 8 years of volunteering, granting dreams for critically and chronically ill children is still an important part of her life. During this time of working with children and families with medical challenges, Allison decided that the medical industry would be her career path, so she enrolled at East Carolina University as an online student in the Business School and concentrated her aspirations on hospital administration. While attending school, she has also been a full time, dedicated employee of Vidant Healthcare. In the last three years, Allison, got married to Jerry Fisher, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and one year later, she received her Masters In Business Administration. Her husband Jerry said, “Her hard work, determination and absolute dedication to everything she strives to accomplish inspires me and motivates me to be a better man. I really got lucky when I married my best friend.” 

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