Angela Rose Libby

My love for children started when I was very young. I couldn’t wait to be a mother and consider motherhood to be the greatest privilege. I pursued career paths that involved teaching children and opened my own preschool while also Graduating with a Massage Therapy degree which helped me to raise four amazing daughters as a single mom. After my daughters left home I felt as if something was missing. I prayed for direction and had a dream which led me to believe I was meant to do foster care. Shortly after I met a friend that told me about classes hosted by the Boys and Girls Homes of North Carolina, and started on the road to my inspired destination. I took 7 weeks of classes, and CPR that taught me how to help, nurture, and protect, these little ones. 

Being a foster mom has been a rewarding and enlightening experience as well as sometimes challenging especially when their feelings get the best of them and they have a hard time coping. but it’s worth it when I see positive results and they choose new ways to cope. We’ve made beautiful memories to treasure with fun outings and vacations taken, & make them memory books so they can remember our time together.

Of course I get attached, and feel heartbroken when they leave, but they will always know I love them. Leaving a legacy of love in the lives of these children is what will give them hope in their tomorrows. For that I am truly grateful to be a part of their journey.