Ashley Nicole Russell

A small town girl from North Carolina, a child of a dramatic divorce family, a lawyer, an author and an Entrepreneur.

Collaborative family law did not exist when I moved to Greenville. The first ANR office started a new law firm in a new area of the law and in a new geographic location. My passion is helping families divorce in a healthy way and I am determined to spread the mission. I was recognized as a Super Lawyer in North Carolina and as a Legal Elite in Family Law by Business North Carolina magazine, and received the Small Business leader award from the Greenville-Pitt Chamber of Commerce in May of 2018 for my dedication to the community and the effects of my practice on its citizens. The reason for my win was because “ I changed the quality of life for my community!” That was a turning point for my responsibility to change divorce and conflict resolution in the country.

I wrote The Cure for Divorce Culture in 2018 to expose the culture around the culture of Divorce in America for what it is, a broken system that is breaking children and families. The book contains the cure of awareness and the recipe for a healthy life through divorce and after and is available on Amazon.

On a recent podcast with New York Times best seller Cy Wakeman, I was dubed “The expert in the future of Divorce in our Country”. My mission is— and has been for a very long time now— to change the divorce culture for generations to come and I believe this is a beautiful beginning.

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