Becky Clark

Becky Clark is a woman of many talents.  This mom of three works part time at Christ Covenant School in Winterville, while keeping up with her custom vinyl decal business – Make It Yours – and taking the occasional gig face-painting for a birthday party.  She is also very involved in our church – helping out with the women’s ministry, leading a women’s Bible Study Breakfast during the week and helping organize our small group on Sunday nights.  In addition to this, she is active in our neighborhood, spending time with kids and neighbors in Sterling Pointe.  Last summer, she started selling icee pops for $.25.  It was her idea to use the money from those sales to purchase apples, peanut butter crackers and bottled water to hand out to kids who were home during the summer.  She is always looking for new ways to love other people!  In addition to all of this, she also babysits for a couple of her friends throughout the week and plans to begin homeschooling our five year old daughter Emaline in the fall through Classical Conversations.  Me, my kids, my church and our neighborhood are lucky to have her in our lives!

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