Bishop Rosie S. O’neal

Bishop Rosie S. O’neal was born in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The product of a “weekend-pass” (or a one-night stand) “Rosemarie” was given up and placed in an orphanage. Sometime later, she was chosen by Norman and JoAnn Standifer who adopted her and brought her over to the United States where she was raised in Charlotte, NC.
“Rosie” was a very loving child. She hated to see anyone treated poorly or unfairly and would often “fight” for those who could not seemingly fight for themselves (and sometimes this was physically, too!). Even at a young age, she had a heart (a pastor’s heart) to see people have what they the needed to live a quality of life.
From the playground to college, “Rosie” had a special calling—to love people and introduce them to a real loving Jesus! She began Koinonia Christian Center church in February,1989 with 7 members and has grown the ministry to over 2,500 people regularly attending.
For the past 30 years, Koinonia has become a pillar in the community. Bishop Rosie has led the members in the constructing of 2 additional 9,000 square-feet buildings on Koinonia’s property—debt free! She has also led the members in providing activities for the community such as DAFF—the Differently Abled Fun Fair (Special Needs population), Veteran Initiatives, and many others. From providing food to the hungry, educational enrichment for youth, disaster relief aid, to senior wellness activities, Bishop Rosie O’neal is certainly a “Woman to Watch!”