Brittany Gregson

Mrs. Gregson completed her Associate’s Degree in Accounting at Pitt Community College in 2011 and continued her education at East Carolina University where she obtained her Bachelor’s.  She is currently pursuing an enrolled agent title, which will propel her career and allow her to serve her community at a new level.

Brittany is co-owner of Carolina Business Enterprises where she is in charge of payroll, filing taxes, and basic bookkeeping.  She also serves as an accountant for several local businesses. 

Along with her demanding work schedule, Brittany maintains a balanced life outside of her career.  She is a devoted wife to her husband, Michale Gregson Jr.  and mother of two beautiful children, Hunter (4) and Bailee (1).  She is also instrumental in the lives of her niece and nephews.  She enjoys attending sporting events and strives to be a positive role model and support system for her family.

When Brittany has time away from work and her family, her passion for animals takes over.  Since the age of 9 she has been involved and dedicated to 4-H. She has raised sheep and goats (she currently owns 19 goats), and is in the process of expanding her farm family. Her goats have been showcased at the local county fair as well as the North Carolina State Fair.  Brittany is a very determined, hardworking, and motivated individual who strives to make a difference in the lives of others. 

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