Emily Theys

Emily Theys is originally from Stoughton, Wisconsin. Graduating as an All-ACC and All-American rower from Duke University, Emily found herself exploring major event production in collegiate athletics at the Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. Upon discovering inequities in compensation among her male counterparts, Emily decided to return to the Carolinas to pursue her Master’s Degree in Athletic Leadership from Clemson University. 

During this time, she oversaw Clemson’s Club Sports program of 34 clubs, 1500 students and an overall budget of $500,000. Emily discovered her passion for mentoring students, specifically high-achieving student-athletes with big goals and limited resources. Emily worked tirelessly to instill the virtues of hard work, accountability and independence with her students, virtues she learned at Duke and continues to live by in her everyday life.

During this time, Emily was given the opportunity to purchase Manager’s Payroll, LLC, a full-service payroll firm that focuses on new and small businesses. Emily educated herself on payroll processes, payroll tax law and the challenges of owning a small business.

Emily recently relocated to Greenville with her best pal Lucy, an adorable rescue pup with a listening problem; she is engaged to Justin Waters with a wedding date of May 2020. Emily continues to run her small business while working at East Carolina University in the Office of Student Activities and Organizations. She is currently accepting new payroll clients and can be reached at office@managerspayroll.com.