Jade Kelly

Jade Kelly is a 9-year-old entrepreneur from Greenville, NC. At the age of 6, Jade launched her first business, Jade’s Journee, which specializes in statement bows and accessories for girls. Each of her pieces are crafted with empowerment in mind and have uplifting words or phrases incorporated into the design. Jade decided to start her business after facing bullying and other challenges. She is on a mission to help others learn to express their individuality and embrace their own special journey by challenging girls all over the world to “Discover you!” 

Jade’s bright and bubbly personality has landed her on news outlets such as ABC’s Good Morning Washington as well as the role of Official Anchor for Young Mogul News Powered by Raising A Mogul TV/Podcast. She was recently chosen to co-host the first ever family business summit in Atlanta, GA led by the ‘Raising A Mogul’ organization. 

Jade is eager to continue being the change she wants to see in the world by spreading light and positivity wherever she goes. She considers herself a change agent with a passion to serve her community and youth all over the world by providing education on topics such as STEAM, bullying prevention, and kidpreneurship. In September of this year, she launched a new movement called Students Praying 4 Students or SP4S. The movement caught the attention of her entire city including Mayor P.J. Connelly who proclaimed the month of September “Students Praying 4 Students Month” for the City of Greenville. Jade is excited to continue sharing her passion with her community and the world and hopes to be an inspiration to people of all ages.