Joyner Mines

Joyner, a Virginia native, completed her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Virginia in 2011 and graduate studies at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2014.  Joyner advocated as a School Social Worker in Henrico, Virginia for three years.  During that time, she explored fulfillment in opportunities that fostered mutually beneficial relationships, allowing her to inspire and be inspired. In 2015, Joyner completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training and began teaching soon after.

In addition to being a Registered Yoga Teacher, Joyner transitioned from member to coach at OrangeTheory Fitness Richmond in December of 2016 and completed her personal training certification in March of 2017.  In June of 2017, she and her, then, fiancé relocated to Harrisonburg, VA.  Continuing her fitness education, here Joyner completed the BASI Pilates Foundations program in 2017.

In May of 2018 she married and in January of 2019 she and her husband moved to North Carolina where he is now an assistant football coach at ECU. Joyner joined the Greenville, NC Orangetheory coaching team shortly after they opened their doors in December of 2018 and has since been promoted to Head Coach.  Now working as a full-time fitness coach and trainer, Joyner views life as an evolving pursuit of purpose and finds incomparable value is self-reflection, growth and being a part of others’ growth.