Judi Creech

Kindness is a gift everyone can give.  My name is Judi Creech and I am a self-employed data specialist. I became fascinated with painted rocks in 2017. I was visiting family in Texas when we found a beautiful rock with a dragonfly painted on it from a group named Waco TX Rocks. It was the simplest thing but it made me smile. So, I created a Facebook group for IBX Rocks in September 2018, began to paint and hide rocks in hopes of making someone smile.

Painting rocks is for all ages and abilities. I would love anyone and everyone to paint and hide rocks to give and find smiles.  Each one I paint still makes me smile. You can use paint, chalk, crayons, sharpies, decals or whatever you like to use your creativity and making people smile. On the back of your rock please write “IBX Rocks – Facebook” and then keep or re-hide the rock. I think it is great to see them travel!

The idea of painting something as simple as a rock to make someone smile to me is great. It feels good to give kindness and to receive kindness. We paint rocks and hide rocks as an act of random kindness to unexpectedly brighten someone’s day.  It isn’t all about the best. All rocks do the same thing. They make a person smile.

The purpose in painting rocks is simple, to cultivate connections within communities and lift others up through simple acts of kindness.

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