Kathryn Glenn

Greenville native Kathryn Glenn was raised in her family’s business Jefferson’s Florist, where she was exposed to customer service and community at a young age. Kathryn began her retail career at the age of 11, buying and selling Beanie Babies with the guidance of her grandparents, Graham & Aileen Jefferson.

“My grandparents taught me how to turn a profit, reinvest in my items, and build a brand. They helped get me hooked to the negotiation and dealings.”

After high school, Kathryn spent a short time in Thailand & China where she taught English as a Second Language. When she wasn’t in her classroom, she was at the markets negotiating prices on jewelry to bring back home to sell to her friends.

“The art of negotiating became a game to me. I studied it and used the Asian markets as my laboratory. When I graduated from college my grandfather knew I should be a real estate agent.”

Kathryn became a licensed real estate agent in 2009 and sold 7 homes that year, in spite of the onset of the recession. After venturing north to New York City and Philadelphia, Kathryn returned to Greenville and reinvested the community and real estate market.

“My dream coming home was to help build the young professional population of Greenville. It bothered me that all my friends would graduate and immediately leave. ”

Kathryn became involved with community charity events, the Chamber of Commerce, and networking and meetups groups to find a voice for the young professionals’ dilemma. 

“I am truly proud to be back home in Pitt County. I’m very happy to be a young professional and a voice for change and growth in our community. Our real estate markets are strong and the outlook for Pitt County looks better each and every day!”