Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly is the founder of The Kelly Code, LLC. In Greenville, NC, a DWI and Substance Abuse Out-Patient Therapy facility. The name represents a balance of Faith and Evidence-based Clinical Treatment. 

Kim is a fully Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist and a Certified Trauma Specialist. She holds several ‘Train the Trainer’ certifications for Mental Health Staff development, inclusive of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Rights, and Service Documentation.

Kim wants to provide support to the community through Substance Abuse treatment, therapy and supports. Her ultimate dream is to write and receive a grant to provide treatment and care targeting pregnant women or women with children who have challenges with addiction(s). 

Kim was raised as a foster child in New Bern, NC by a staunch Christian women she refers to as her ‘Granma-Lucy’. Born in Baltimore MD, Kim feels that her life was saved by being taken in, loved, nurtured and raised by the awe-inspiring woman named Lucy Gibbs. The gracious act of adoption deeply affected her all of her life. 

Kim continues to foster a desire to ‘give back’ by helping others find a place of hope, wellness and stability, especially children and teens. She was a foster mother for 10 years. She is a born-again Christian serving in the role Youth President and Teen Sunday School Teacher at Pentecostal Temple HCOD. She looks forward to the future in wonder of what else God has in store for her.