Lyndsey Hogue

Lyndsey Hogue is a native of Dallas Texas and an alumni of Texas A&M University and Texas A&M University Health Science Center and Barton College. 

Upon completing her Master’s in Healthcare Administration, she took a leap of faith and relocated to North Carolina for a fellowship at Vidant Health that later turned into her going deeper into the healthcare field of management. 

After managing several sectors in the hospital, Lyndsey decided to go back to school at Barton College to become a registered nurse where she specializes in Nephrology. After managing for 6 years Lyndsey decided to work as a nurse at the bedside to better understand both the business and clinical sides of the healthcare industry.

Outside of being a nurse, Lyndsey is also a certified personal trainer and health coach. She is the owner of MELT Fitness Studio in Uptown Greenville, NC. It is the first black, woman owned facility of its kind in Greenville, NC. The company started off as a bootcamp in Greenville in 2014 and she later secured a location where the focus is all about the client’s physical and emotional well being. 

Her main goal is to continue to educate those about their health and ensure that every client she encounters is at their optimum state of wellness and never has to visit her on the hospital floor as a nurse! When Lyndsey isn’t working as a nurse or training her clients she spends her time thinking of new ways to deliver healthcare and enjoys gardening. 

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