Michelle Moore

I was born and raised here in Greenville, North Carolina. I graduated from the Interpreter Training Program at Wilson Community College and I have been working as a nationally certified sign language interpreter for the last fourteen years. Presently, I am a Communication Assistant for Sorenson Video Relay Service (SVRS), using American Sign Language (ASL) to interpret for people all over the United States via video relaying technology. I love my job! 

I also love to write, eat, exercise, and spend time with my daughter along with our sweet hound dog, Hansel. Having a career that I enjoy is one of the many ways life has opened my eyes to the importance of participating in things that bring me joy. I find joy around every corner because I am always searching for good feeling moments.

While practicing simple things like mindfulness and contentment come easily to me, understanding the science of food was a learning experience. I was fortunate to meet Michelle Dunston from Physique Improvements LLC about one year ago. She recently became my nutrition advisor and we’ve been building each other’s passion for clean eating and fitness ever since.  Thus, the birth of my new fitness and nutrition business, JoyFitLove.

My team and I guide people to healthier habits of daily living, getting them on the path to their greatest joy. My purpose is to help people make life and nutrition choices that lead to stress free weight loss with an elevated perspective on food, fitness and the joy of creating the healthy mind and body you want.

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