Rachel Bridgers

Rachel Bridgers has served as the Career Outreach Specialist at Pitt Community College for almost 4 years. In her current role, Rachel engages stakeholders to facilitate the alignment of services to meet business and industry needs, gathering information on employment trends and professional skill needs. As a result of her efforts, she is able to develop strong pipelines of opportunities for the College. 

Prior to working in Higher Education, Rachel worked with local business and industry to develop strategic marketing initiatives and has extensive experience in training and onboarding in corporate retail management. Her passions include developing strong client relations through effective interpersonal communication and maintaining an active presence in the community. She has a B.A. in Communication from East Carolina University with a concentration in Public Relations and a Minor in Sociology.

One of Rachel’s coworkers had this to say about her:
Rachel is one of the most valuable assets to this campus and to the division she serves. But the most important role she provides for this campus is ensuring our students have somewhere to apply the skills they’ve learned, which is a critical aspect of community college success as a whole. Her professionalism and leadership have provided positive impacts to the people she works with and the students who have sought her guidance are better for it. She is unwavering in her quest to grow others around her and is often the unsung hero of many teams she’s a part of.

*Photo credit Rhett Butler