Samar Badwan

My name is Samar (pronounced Summer) Badwan! I am a single mother of three children ages 23, 16 and 11! I’m a Palestinian American Muslim who was born in Washington, D.C. and then my family moved to NC where I spent a portion of my life in Garner, NC and then my family moved to Greenville! I went to high school in Greenville at JH Rose High. I graduated from ECU with a Bachelor of Science in Business Education and a concentration in information processing and administrative services! I’m currently an educator at Pitt County Schools, teaching children with Autism with Pitt County Schools for the last thirteen plus years and I also interpret Arabic for parents and children during meetings, assessments, etc! 

During my college years, I realized that I had a passion for helping others. I wanted to do more and actually make a positive change in our inclusive community. I’m currently on the board and the spokesperson at the Islamic Center & Mosque here in Greenville! I also volunteer my time with Interfaith Alliance, the Community Action Committee with the Greenville police department, the Interfaith Clergy, the Rothermel Foundation in New Bern. I’m Vice-Chair of the Human Relations Council with the city of Greenville and Vice-President of a Non-profit called the Hanan Refugee Relief Group! I’m also on the board of the Interfaith Refugee ministry in New Bern, NC! My goal is to build relationships within my community by breaking down barriers through dialogue and communication!

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