Suellen Biel

Little did I know, 34 years ago, when I walked into a small, one room Montessori School that I was embarking on not just a career change, but what would evolve into a true vocation. Several years after giving up a career in Social Work to become a “stay at home mom”, I applied as an Assistant Teacher at Greenville Montessori School and, as they say: “the rest is history”.

During these 34 years (from Classroom Assistant, to Teacher, to Head of School) I have had the honor of witnessing young children (ages 3-12) work to develop the innate skills that are hidden within them: the entire purpose of Montessori education. At Greenville Montessori School it is both our task and our privilege to lead children to develop those values that they will need to become successful in life.

In addition to observing these children “construct” themselves (as Montessori says), it is a tremendous honor to work with the talented educators who share a common belief and total dedication to our school’s guiding principles. These qualities, upon which we focus, are: compassion, responsibility, honesty, friendship, humility, and joy of work. There is no greater reward than having an alumni student “return home to GMS” and describe how their time spent here has helped to shape their vision.

On a daily basis, I am also privileged to have a warm relationship with parents and families who not only want the very best for their children but also have dreams and aspirations for ALL children. To be a part of a true community, such as this, lends value to all our lives and as a result, serves to enhance our greater Greenville community and beyond.