Victoria Tompkins

Victoria Tompkins is the owner of Escape Spa in Greenville, which she has owned for three years. 

Victoria’s love for hair started when she was young, going to and from hair salons with her mother who battled cancer for many years. Watching her mom go through chemotherapy, Victoria realized how much of an impact a simple hair style or wig could make, literally changing someone’s whole view about themselves. 

When Victoria was 15 years old, her mother lost her battle with cancer and she wound up in Greenville with her father. She was determined to continue her education and become a hairstylist, even after becoming a mom at 19. 

Many people doubted that cosmetology school would lead to a permanent career and that by “playing with hair all day”she would be able to support herself and her son. But it was a passion for Victoria and she knew she would be able to help many people along the way. 

Following graduation from cosmetology school she spent two years doing hair before coming across a salon that was for sale. Victoria found herself a business owner at the age of 25. 

Victoria has organized fundraisers benefiting local cancer groups which allows her to connect with cancer survivors and learn their survivorship stories, something which brings Victoria peace and happiness. 

Victoria loves her customers and especially loves developing real relationships with them. Connect with Victoria and learn about the services offered at Escape Spa on Facebook at Escape Spa and Boutique and on Instagram @escapespaandboutique_nc