The busiest time of the year for shipping companies extends from mid-November to early January. With the increase in letter and parcel shipping that occurs during the holiday shopping and gift giving season, Postal Annex of Greenville wants to make sure that you’re not paying more than necessary to send packages to your friends and loved ones.

Shipping with Dimensional Weight

The cost of shipping is now calculated based on dimensional weight (DIM weight), which accounts for both the size and weight of a parcel. Shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx have used DIM weight for years, but the US Postal Service only implemented the rule the beginning of this year.

Postal Annex offers customers a one stop-shop for all things shipping from professional parcel packaging, rate comparison between carriers, secure receiving through all carriers, certified mail, private mailbox rental, notary service, stamps to home office services – topped off with unique gifts from local artisans. Customers can ship through UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS, and choose from a large selection of packing materials including boxes, bubble wrap, biodegradable peanuts, tape, shipping tubes and more.

The friendly Postal Annex staff works to ensure that customers’ parcels are packed as efficiently as possible. Empty space and unnecessary padding result in higher rates as carriers aim to maximize use of shipping space—if it takes up more space in the truck, it costs more to ship. 

With shipping rates calculated based on dimensional weight, it is most cost effective to make sure that boxes are packed efficiently. Rather than using extra padding to fill an overlarge box, it is better to find an appropriately sized box for the item, or let the pros at Postal Annex resize the box for you!

“If you have a lot of space left at the top of the box,” counsels Postal Annex owner Robin Taylor, “DON’T close it until you get to the Postal Annex. We have a cool tool that cuts down the height of boxes. We do this as a courtesy service to our customers.”

In addition to shipping services, Postal Annex hosts a variety of local artisans and crafts people to offer customers a unique boutique and gift shop. The diversity of products allows shoppers to find something for everyone on their list, with the added benefit of immediate shipping! Purchasing and sending gifts has never been easier!

Packing Tips

• Select an appropriately sized box & pack the contents as tightly as possible without compromising the items.

• Think “Tetris” and re-pack to use the space as efficiently as possible.

• Nest smaller items in large ones if possible.

• Don’t close the box until you are at the Postal Annex. Let the professionals assess and repack or resize your box as necessary.

Postal Annex is located at 2120 E. Fire Tower Road, Suite 107 in Greenville, NC. Call 252-689-6920 for your packing & shipping needs.

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