i have been practicing Reiki since the mid-1980’s and have been in the Healing Arts throughout my life  

Over the years, i have worked with many women who were diagnosed with breast cancer  

Reiki is not a cure, but it does promote healing

Studies have shown that women who receive Reiki before, sometimes during, and after surgery experience less infection, less pain, less scarring and they develop a new sense of being

Many have found Reiki to minimize the effects of chemotherapy while maximizing its benefits

Some years ago, a woman, i’ll call her ‘mary’ came to me for a Reiki session

She had been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She was frightened and very concerned about what was ahead of her

The soothing energy of Reiki helped ‘mary’

After her second Reiki session, ‘mary’ was calmer and not at all afraid of what was to come

‘mary’ had minimal side effects from the chemotherapy

At the time, my practice was near Manhatten. ‘mary’ asked her surgeon if i could be in the operating room and give her Reiki during her surgery.  The surgeon was familiar with Reiki as his wife was a practitioner

So i sat with the anesthesiologist and directed Reiki into ‘mary’s’ crown

The surgery went very well, shorter than expected

She had minimal pain and scarring

I believe that was a true healing,
not a cure, but a healing

The remainder of ‘mary’s’ life was peaceful, joyful, without fear, and when she passed over, a few years later, it was a gentle passing 

The experience of Reiki is subjective, changeable, and sometimes very subtle.  A client often experiences heat from the practitioner’s hands, other times the practitioner’s hands feel cool. Other common experiences are subtle pulsations where the practitioners hands are placed or a feeling of waves flowing through the body

People often comment how comforting they find the experience of Reiki.  Some people fall into a deep, sleep-like meditative state. The most common experience is an almost immediate release of stress and a feeling of deep relaxation and wellness

Reiki is cumulative and those who don’t notice much the first time usually have progressively deeper experiences when they continue

If you are interested in the research that has been done about the benefits of Reiki during cancer treatment, you may find the following resources useful

Alternative Therapy for Breast Cancer:  Outcomes, Obstacles and Opportunities
(published in the April 2011 issue of Annals of Surgical Oncology)

Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman, MD, FACS and Chief of Breast Cancer Surgical Oncology at New York’s Columbia University Medical Center discusses research supporting his rational for inviting Reiki practitioners to assist with his breast cancer patients. 

Center for Reiki Research Study

Self-Efficacy for Coping with Cancer Enhances the Effect of Reiki Treatments During the Pre-Surgery Phase of Breast Cancer Patients
Chirico, A. (2017). Anticancer Research, 37(7): 3657-3665

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