By Rachel Cringoli

Reiki is a Japanese art that helps balance energy points in the body. Hello, yes, love me some balance!  Physiologically, our bodies have energy. Every time your heart beats, it’s partly because an electrical current helps it to. Diving deeper into science, the first law of thermodynamics says that energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferred. So picture this, your body has an energy highway! This highway starts in the tips of your toes, runs through your pelvis, into your belly and along to the heart, throat, forehead, and up out of the crown of your head. These 7 energy points make up what is known as the chakra ( pronounced chalk-rah) system.  Reiki helps balance these seven energy points in the body.

Reiki can be an extremely relaxing experience. You are invited to close your eyes, take some intentional deep breaths, and let go of stress and tension. While light touch may be involved, there are special hand placements hovering over the body to balance this energy. Reiki helps keep the energy in our body moving freely. Imagine this energetic system like a highway with tolls. The energy is a car you drive, and the chakra, a tollbooth to pass through. Just like your car needs to pass the toll to keep moving, the energy in our body needs to pass through each chakra point to keep moving. Stagnant energy is like a line of cars backed up at the tollbooth, can’t get through. Use this example to think of emotional blocks you experience. What emotion has you stuck? Are fear, sadness, or resentment holding you back? Where do you feel these emotions in your body? Have you felt your ideas or words go unnoticed? If so, are you prone to post nasal drip or scratchy throats?  Are you solely responsible for the finances in your house, and suffer from lower back pain or kidney stones? Emotional blocks can be associated with physical blocks, and Reiki helps us to understand these themes and restore a naturally flowing energy current. Reiki helps clear the traffic of cars to get you driving and functioning along your energetic highway. When you have a ‘gut reaction’ about something, what happens? You physically feel an ache, and warmness in your belly. This energy point, called the solar plexus, focuses on core values and intention. When we encounter something that doesn’t match our values, our bellies take note, and warm up. As the saying goes, ‘trust your gut’.

How is your energy highway?  Have you had a Reiki session, or would you like to try one?

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