Running on Empty

By Shanae Godley

To be empty, as defined by Webster, is to contain nothing. It also defines empty as lacking reality, substance, meaning, or value. Then, there is my favorite definition of empty: HUNGRY.

I think we’ve all felt that kind of empty before. Like, when you eat an early breakfast on Thanksgiving Day and skip lunch because the family said that dinner would be ready at 2pm. You arrive early, anticipating the moment when you get to eat lots and lots of food, but that time seems to always come later than desired. You can only smell the aroma of your favorite foods being prepared, but you can’t eat just yet. So, you fumble around for a snack, or sit and pretend to watch the football game, all the while feeling the anguish of an empty stomach.

Yep, that’s the kind of empty many of us are living on in our daily lives, having nothing but fumes to give; purposeless and unfulling.

I encourage you to live life fuller. Please get some rest, take care of yourself, and as you fill your belly this week remember to ask God to fill your (spiritual) cup.

We do not have to run on empty, all of the time, though society seems to consider it a norm.  When you feel yourself getting low, as you sometimes will, take a break, catch your breath, but never give up.

If you feel like you’ve been running on empty or feeling low, I encourage you to download my new booklet, 7 Nuggets for Overcoming Depression at It has some tips and tools that can help you fill up, again.

You don’t have to live life on empty. Fill up on good things, so you can give good things to those around you and those you meet.

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