By Faith Overton

I’m talking about self-care. The things you do not just because it’s a basic hygiene although that is a very good form of self-care, but those moments were you just need to focus on yourself first. We hear it all the time when we get on an airplane you have to put your life preserver on first before you can save anybody else. Somehow we missed that message everywhere else in life except in the potential of an airplane crash . You need to take care of your self first. A great way to start implementing better self-care tactics is to make sure you are taking care of hygiene needs, and any basic health needs. These include things like drinking enough water, making sure you have sunlight, vitamins or medications if needed. We are here this throughout the day and I’m sure there are essential oil’s you could add to that or special products but I’m talking about the basics people I’m on a dollar budget here and I like to be as cheap and effective as possible. After you cover your basics you need to make sure that your mental health has good health check ups as well. For some this means going to a mental health professional, others find their mental health is improved upon with exercise or yoga whatever the Whatever that means just make sure that you are performing good self-care check ups with your mental health. How we think it’s gonna affect how we feel. The next thing I would suggest is making sure you protect yourself from toxic influencers. Sometimes we can’t help that especially in the workplace or even in a family environment. But the people that you choose to hang out with and spend the majority of your time or leisure downtime need not to be toxic people. They need to encourage you I need to uplift you and this is another form of self care that we don’t take time to think about. Most the time we’re just concerned with making sure that you get your nails done and a haircut if you’re lucky. Hey I’ve been there I have two kids and let me tell you it is work trying to get my basic needs done. I know that I can’t be the person I want to be for my family and my community if I don’t take time to reflect on my own self care. Be healthy so you can be the best you ! Make simple and attainable goals . Live your best life my friends !

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