Upcoming Fashion Trends 2019 Winter & Spring

By Pam Carraway, Owner of Votre Boutique

We’re in the midst of our coldest, and arguably, most fashionable season – winter. This year, fashion is leaning towards blasts from the past and modern chic. Leopard print, comfortable clothes, and versatile fabrics is what people are going to be rocking this season. At Votre Boutique, we strive to be up to date on all of the latest fashion trends, with a great se- lection of these styles and more staple items you will love for your wardrobe!

Leopard print started making its way back into our hearts and sub- sequently, closets this fall. It doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon; it is still gaining popularity in our colder winter months. InStyle notes that leopard print is not a trend to look back on and regret, rather, it im- proves with time. From shoes to tops, Votre has looks to suit all of your leopard desires!

Comfort is emerging as a major trend, and it does not equate to a lack of stylishness. Vogue states that being cozy is an essential part of this fashion season. The trend this season is mixing comfort with style. Our lines offer an effortless, cozy look that can go from day to night. Elastic waistbands are not only for sweatpants; we offer a selection of pants by Gretchen Scott with this feature which put the comfort in classy. Sweaters never go out of style and here at Votre, we have many options. Styles that range from turtlenecks to distressed, and all the trendy colors like bur- gundy and mustard.

A number of versatile fabrics have emerged as key aspects of stylish outfits. From suede outerwear, to velvet top combined with cotton, these trendy textures are popular choices, not only in the fashion world, but also in Votre.

One color palette that’s creating a romantic look and feel is the nude/ blush. Many pose the question of whether or not it will wash you out but with the right lipstick and makeup it’s such a rich tone.

Raincoats are not only practical but in fashion offering a timeless look and incredible ease. Votre Boutique carries an array of colors in rain- coats. They have zip away hoods. Perfect for eastern North Carolina in weight.

Our Spring tease for 2019 is the 80’s and 90’s is coming back with padded shoulders. And who would have guessed it, the 80s and 90s have taken over this upcoming season! Blazers, biker shorts, pastels, bold prints, polkadots, and utility clothing are all styles to watch.

What better than blazers to bring back the classic bold shoulders or shoulder pad look that was so iconic in the 80’s. This is a must have in the upcoming spring season, particularly in blazers or jackets. Black blazers are a timeless style. This timeless fashion trend is here to stay, wear it tucked into combat joggers or just wear it as the classy chic look.

Everyone loves the classic pastels in the spring so thank goodness they are back for this 2019 season. They hit all the fashion runways with it also infused into the sporty and streetwear looks to add a subtle pretti- ness. But on the other end of spectrum bold colors and prints will be a fun option for the season. Polka dots, florals, any print you can think of has emerged as just another one of the seasons biggest trends.

Biker shorts are coming but with a spin to the traditional look. With updated fabrics and styles, these shorts can be worn casual or dressed up with a simple black top. While also washed out or acid jeans will be top choice pants this spring. Shorts, jeans, any style you name it is beautiful with the light wash or acid coloring.

At Votre Boutique we travel, research, and listen to what we hear from our customers that they’ll be comfortable wearing, with style and fashion being an important element of it too. Not all geographical areas based with climate and activities are accustomed to wearing the High Fashion Trends and that’s okay by us. We want you to feel like a million bucks. Confidence is the best fashion in our philosophy. So when buying at the market for the season ahead, we look for styles that our customers have given us feedback on. So we welcome all your comments.

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