Wanda’s World

By Wanda Bingaman

It’s August already. The “Summer of Wanda” is coming to an end. Sigh. It’s been quite the summer. 

On Friday, the 9th, I hope to be cleared to wear TWO shoes and to start driving. Whoop whoop. I have a pair of “serious” tennis shoes ready to go. These are the closet thing I’ve bought that a real athlete would wear!

What have I done with my summer? I’ve read. I’ve read a lot. I LOVE to read, so it was not a horrible way to spend the summer. For four weeks, I pretty much sat in my recliner, all day, everyday. I never had the TV on, or any music- just me and my books. When my husband came home for lunch, he turned the TV on. Or if a kid made his way downstairs for food, the TV would be on while they ate. Me? I liked the quiet. 

At the time of this blog, I’m at 77 books this summer. I would have read all summer anyway, but my school has a reading challenge for the 2nd year running and I might be on the competitive side……. Last summer it was simply the number of books read or listened to. This summer we came up with a points system based on pages or time of an audiobook. I’ve read kid’s books, middle school and high school books, and adult books. After I was able to do more out of my chair, I got back into audiobooks. Last summer when I was able to drive, walk, clean my house, weed my yard, get into the pool, entertain my kids- I read 49 books.

The challenge goes until 19 August. And we just got Netflix last week. I can see where that could be a problem for me……. I have four seasons of Fuller House to catch up on!!  Plus all the other Netflix originals I’ve heard about for years. The boys keep telling my husband and I that we’re doing Netflix wrong- we watch one episode of something a day. How funny!!  The boys have had Netflix all summer, a friend of theirs “shared” a family log-in- I don’t even know how that all works. But, now we feel all with it and so put together with our own Netflix account!! Seriously- first world problems!