Why Choose “Alternative Care?”

By Ivy M. Bagley MSN, FNP-C, IBCLC

First, I prefer to not to utilize the terms of “Eastern medicine” or “alternative medicine.” I believe, as a trained medical provider, there is a place at the table for massage, acupuncture, chiropractic care, and many other types of treatment “traditional medicine” doesn’t always recommend. 

For the next few weeks, I am going to open up and share why I utilize several of these treatments and believe they work. I’m the first to say, I don’t know everything about “nontraditional treatments,” but I’m open to learning. I believe that both areas of practice have a role in patient care. If, for example, I have pneumonia, I am going to utilize antibiotics. If I have a headache; I may take Tylenol, but I will also consult my chiropractor. 

Chiropractic care has helped me deal with several muscular skeletal and pain issues. About a year ago, I had a recurrent debilitating headache. I tried multiple medications. I had even utilized Trigger point injections. I then realized I had whip-lash symptoms. One adjustment later, my headache of over 4 weeks was resolved. It gradually returned, but never to that intensity. I continued to be adjusted until my headache did not return and have continued to be seen by my chiropractor as needed. 

I’ve utilized chiropractic care for several other conditions with good results. Several pain clinics use chiropractors for their patients as well. As one of the alternatives to pain-relieving drugs, the American College of Physicians low back pain guideline recommends spinal manipulation through chiropractic care. 

I encourage patients to research, ask questions, and make certain they are comfortable with their provider. And, consider adding chiropractic care to your healthcare regimen!