Be All There

By Ivy Bagley

As we watch the last official weekend of summer slide into September, we often experience a time of reflection and recollection. Most of 2019 is over. We will soon ring in 2020. 

One of my favorite quotes is from missionary Jim Elliot,  “Wherever you are – be all there.” 

I’ve reflected a lot on that particular quote the last few weeks. How often are we truly “all there?” How often am I “all there?” 

How often do we allow work to interfere with our family time? Do we choose work over family, friends? 

When we are with friends at dinner, do we focus more on our social media or the people in front of us?  

Have snap chat and instagram become our top focus while we miss the needs in front of us? 

Do we jump to post the cute quote  from our child without savoring the precious moment? 

Is taking a digital photo more important than enjoying the moment? 

Do we miss out on the urgent need of a coworker as we scroll through social media? 

Have our phones become idols? 

One of my main focuses for the rest of 2019 is to “be all there!” I may miss events. I can’t attend every event, but I can be all present when I’m there. Not focused on the things I need to Handle but focused on the people directly in my path.  

God gave me that opportunity today with a precious child. Despite needing to take care of my “to-do” list, I took a few minutes to “be all there” and hear all about his day. Talking about a balloon or his toy trucks likely doesn’t matter to many. But, for a two year old and this provider, it was a much needed interaction. 

Let’s all strive to “Be all there” as we finish out 2019. 

“All things work together for those who love The Lord.” Romans 8:28 
God Bless!
– Ivy M. Bagley MSN

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