Faith Through the Literal Storm

By Ivy Bagley

As we prepare for Dorian to make landfall, we find ourselves reflecting on the damage and destruction of the past. I, personally, have questioned why such destruction is potentially possible when many are still suffering from last year’s storm.

Yet, I know- I am not in control.  God is.

It’s hard to put our faith totally- 110%- in God. I think it’s even harder in times of natural disasters. We see the pain and suffering.  We see the mass destruction.  Our human minds can’t help but wonder “why?” But, our faith is stronger than our doubts. If God knows the number of hairs on our head, He certainly knows the agony and pain of our sufferings. He understands loss. He understands death. He understands our tears, worries, and fears.

Tonight as I write this, Dorian is now a category 3 storm. All predictions are it will downgrade to a category 2 prior to landfall. Even though this is nothing to blow off, we are North Carolinians. We are strong.

Since Floyd, I’ve served with recovery efforts post hurricane with each storm.  I’ve witnessed first hand neighbors helping neighbors. I’ve delivered meals; Sorted clothes at shelters; Prayed with people who have lost everything; and Helped meet various needs as they arise. I’ve organized feeding programs and collected items to go out to areas hit worse than our own.

What I’ve seen while doing relief work- our communities are North Carolina Strong. We join our hands and aren’t afraid to come together and dirty our hands. It’s not “me” but “we.” I’ve asked for needs to be met and the community has shown up. I’ve seen people from all over eastern NC show up with money, food, water, cleaning supplies and simply ask- “where do you need me to serve?”

So as I reflect on our state and the past I know this- no matter the storm God has us in the palm of his hand. We are tired still from past storms; however, we are NC strong. We will look after our neighbors. We will recover. We will rebuild. And, even if the damage is minimal, we will learn lessons from this event to be better prepared for the next storm. 

Prayers be with my fellow North Carolinians.

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