Be Kind

By Faith Overton

Every family has a motto or mantra they memorize . For some it might be basic manners , others perhaps a verse of scripture or quote . We all at one point or another have been given that last little reminder before leaving the home . With raising my oldest I came up with “ kindness , gentleness and respect”.

In today’s world kindness cost nothing but somehow is a rare occurrence , that truly saddens me . We shouldn’t be shocked when some holds the door for an elderly adult or a child says thank you but we are because it’s our reality . Over time we have forgotten to be kind to others as it’s too inconvenient or I’m too busy to think about such things . Being kind starts simply with thinking of others before oneself . Something like how you treat the cashier at your store during checkout . I’ve had people compliment me for making eye contact while paying for my food before , just looking someone in the eye while making a purchase. Go a step further and thank thy person by name , if you really want to shake things up. I know life gets busy but busyness can’t be our excuse to not show kindness .

A few ways I help mentally to remind myself to be is are :

1- think before you speak. Words have power friends and we should not sling them around as if that can’t destroy our fellow man .

2-pray before you act. For those who don’t participate in prayer really mediate at least once a day so you can feel grounded .

3- actively engage in listening. This is hard. I want you to listen not so you form what you will say but listen with no agenda but to allow the other to speak . If you have time research the psychology behind this and why it is so important for our relationship needs .

Thanks for reading my post today and May kindness find you wherever you may be ! #KindnessITSConTagious

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