The Time is Now – and it all Begins with Us.

By Liz Liles

Her life isn’t easy, pretty or even simple.  In fact, in all actuality – it’s none of those things at all.  Yet, I want you to know that she is fighting.  She is fighting to graduate… fighting to be seen… fighting to be heard… fighting to be received… fighting to be believed… fighting to even matter.  To one person.  Somewhere.  She is fighting with everything that she has inside of her – for more than shat she has now.  And I am so completely, utterly, wholeheartedly, authentically proud of her!  Because to be perfectly honest, the work that she is doing…. Most of us have never even been expected or requested to ever even attempt.  And she’s slayin’ this whole thing!

Last school year, we (Daughters of Worth) were granted the blessing and privilege of partnering with Pitt County Schools in a new way, and it has opened the opportunity for stories, experiences and hearts in a whole journey that has literally changed my life.  In the past ten months, I have experienced 6th grade girls begging for government services to assist them – to provide them with a home with utilities, food, and water.  And I have watched these precious ones be denied.  Time and time again.  I have watched the most compassionate sophomore girl that you will ever meet request help for pull-ups for her three year old sister because she couldn’t afford them this week…. And requested to deliver them to the school because if mom receives them, they will be sold for cash.  I have sat beside the most beautiful, precious girls as tears streamed down their faces while they voiced their shame, confusion, fear, and doubt because of the ways and places that people they loved and trusted – abused, neglected, trafficked, and/or assaulted them.  These are the voices and stories of the girls of our communities.  And every single day, they continue to show up…. To not give up…. To fight for their life and for the story that they want to create.  And I am so thankful and so humbled to be such a small part of their fierce tenacity.

Because the truth is this….. while most of us are complaining about our modern day inconveniences, we have the most precious girls who are living without their most significant needs.  While we gripe about the things that we “wish” for, they are begging for the things that they absolutely need – and are denied access to.  More than anything, these beautiful ones simply want to be loved, wanted, seen, heard, and believed.  Yet, so many are never even given the privilege of speaking her truth.  And still, she continues to fight.  For herself.  For her life.

In 2015, Daughters of Worth was founded with a mission to educate, equip and empower these treasured ones.  Because we believe that when she truly knows her worth and value – and her story is not only heard and received, but also believed – a soul-fire will come forth, be released ad will literally transform us all.  The power of her truth.  The power that we all are hungry and desperate for.  The power that unifies.

We believe that together, we can truly make a difference.  We can not only meet her in the trenches of shame, fear and doubt – but we can surround her, this beautiful one – with so many amazing, powerful, phenomenal women who can offer hope and show her the way out.  This is why we exist.  Daughters of Worth.

Her story is our passion.  Her future is our mission.  We are fighting for her.  Will you join us?  A tribe of women fighting for the girls of our communities.  To help her find her voice, leading her through the wilderness of life.  The time is now – and it all begins with us.

To learn more about Daughters of Worth and how you can be involved, connect with us at

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